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Mushroom Growing
Workshops/ Courses, Scotland


➢ MUSHROOMS ARE FASTEST GROWN CROP OF ALL, in just 3-4 weeks from inoculation, you can have first harvest.


➢ MUSHROOM PRODUCTION MAKES THE LOWEST FOOTPRINT OF ALL CROPS, mushroom farming is environmentally friendly.


➢ SOIL FERTILISER: Spent mushroom substrate is an excellent fertiliser for the soil and other crops.


➢ GROWING MUSHROOMS IS FUN. You can engage the whole family in growing process, which can bring great entertainment for adults and kids and rebuild connection with the family. It’s a joy to watch them grow.


➢ COMMUNITY MUSHROOM FARMING is bringing people together, creating stronger bonds and healthy food.


➢ MUSHROOMS ARE AMAZING TEACHERS. Growing mushrooms is a great fun, but also is teaching us patience. To understand their nature and become successful in mushroom growing, we need to invest time and do the work.


There are many online mushroom growing courses and videos available on YouTube and other portals which we recommend to see, however nothing will give you the same experience as attending workshop in person.

Please see below upcoming courses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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