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Forest to Fork Fungi Festival 

Finding Inspiration in Every Mushroom.


After three successful Forest to Fork Events in August 2021, October 2021 and September 2022, we would like you invite you for 4th Fungi Festival in 2023.

 4th FOREST TO FORK FUNGI FESTIVAL 28th SEPTEMBER- 1st OCTOBER 2023, Kilvrecht Campsite, Scotland!

with special guest Lisa from Edulis Wild Food! 




Forest to Fork Fungi Festival Scotland

How it all began

Forest to Fork was first introduced in August 2021, by three co- founders, Attila, Bea & Mario.

Mycobee founders Bea & Mario invited an expert mycologist Attila Fodi for the foraging weekend to Scotland. It was an amazing weekend followed by second successful event in October 2021 where the idea of annual Fungi Festival in Scotland officially came to life.

Mycobee Team is delighted to collaborate with Attila who kindly share knowledge and expertise regarding wild and cultivated mushrooms.

Profits from the event support Attila's research and study on medicinal mushrooms, especially our favourite Grifola frondosa AKA Hen of the Woods.


In 2022 we officially teamed up to host this fascinating event with Virn Stothers from Foraging with Virn who joined two previous events sharing her knowledge about mushrooms and plants

3rd Forest to Fork in 2022 turned out amazingly beyond our expectations. Fantastic people joined the event and thanks to help of our volunteer Asia, we had a fire at the evenings and lovely food.

We would like to invite you to our 4th expanded Forest to Fork Festival in September 2023.

Our team is growing bigger, allowing better planning with more activities to bring unforgettable moments for all who is going to join.

This year we are delighted to welcome our special guest Lisa from Edulis Wild Food who is going to open the event with Tree ID seminar.

It's going to be fascinating time!

Please book your ticket in advance as places are limited!

4th Forest to Fork Fungi Festival Scotland will take place 28th September- 1st October 2023.



Meet the Team


Forest to Fork co- founder, Expert Mycologist, Writer & Researcher



Event Coordinator, Fungi Enthusiast & Volunteer at MycoBee Farm



Forest to Fork co- founder, Mushroom Grower & Fungi Enthusiast



Event Coordinator & Fungi Enthusiast



Forest to Fork co- founder, Mushroom Grower & Fungi Enthusiast



Event Coordinator & Fungi Enthusiast

Welcome our special guest at 4th Forest to Fork 2023, Lisa from Edulis Wild Food

Lisa Cutcliffe (Edulis Wild Food) is a foraging instructor and a huge fan of fungi. She's based in Leeds, Yorkshire, but spends several weeks up in Scotland every year, touring around studying and enjoying mushrooms, seaweeds and other wonderful wild foods.

Fungi were her first love in her foray into foraging, and are still her greatest passion.


Lisa is running a tree ID seminar on the day of arrival to the festival. Knowing key tree species is a valuable skill for fungi ID, and it's often something that mushroom nuts overlook in their quest for further mycological knowledge.


We'll go over useful tree species to recognise and examples of fungi they partner with, how to tell apart some of the conifers and broadleaf trees commonly found in Scotland, and to get to know our amazing arboreal neighbours a bit better.

About Attila Fodi

Attila Fodi is a field mycologist, has been a registered, qualified mushroom expert of the National Food Chain Safety Office (Hungary) since 2014. Attila is a member of both the Hungarian and British Mycological Societies. He provided Mushroom Training courses in Hungary, UK and Ireland in the last couple of years. Since he joined the Wild Food UK team (2022), he provides Field Mycology Courses in various locations in the UK under the umbrella of one of the biggest foraging companies of the country.He is often invited speaker of various conferences and mushroom events (e.g., the 3rd and 5th UK Medicinal Mushroom Conferences, and the Bristol Fungus Day 2020). His main research area is the medicinal properties and application of mushrooms. Several articles, introductory booklets and some of his books have been published in Hungarian, and have been translated to English, Czech and Slovakian languages. 

His first English language book about medicinal mushrooms is under medical proofreading and going to be published in the near future.

He is one of the co-founders of Forest to Fork Mushroom Festival, Scotland.


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