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Shiitake- Lentinula edodes

The name "Shiitake" is derived from two Japanese words: "Shiia",meaning mushroom which grows on the Shii tree (a hardwood tree), and "Take", which means mushroom. In China, it is also called Shiang Gu, which can be interpreted as "scented mushroom".Due to its valuable ingredients, Shiitake has been considered the king of all mushrooms in Asia for millenia. Even during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), it was highly valued as medicinal food and used in the treatment of various disorders. According to Asian folk medicine, the mushroom is a tonic that serves to regulate the vital Qi energy, harmonising Yin and Yang and activating the blood. Several ingredients of the Shiitake mushroom have been proven to be pharmacologically effective. 

Shiitake is a generally reinforcing and strengthening mushroom that - also due to the B vitamins it contains - is recommended for exhaustion, work-related stress and chronic fatigue syndrome. Thanks to its ergosterol content (a preliminary vitamin D which is primarily contained in meat) it is also a valuable menu alternative for vegetarians and vegans.

Verified effects from research

    • the cholesterol level is lowered through the transformation of the hepatic (liver) phospholipid metabolism.

    • the ingredient tyrosinase serves to reduce excessive blood pressure.

Application in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    • Properties: sweet, neutral

    • spleen, stomach, lung

    • regulates the Qi and blood for void but not for blockages

    • releases mucus

    • reinforces the centre and Qi

    • enables rashes to break through

    • counteracts anorexia and weakness

    • counteracts frequent urination

    • counteracts rachitis

    • counteracts gastric and uterine carcinomes

    • counteracts hyperlipidaemia



We currently don't grow Shiitake mushrooms, however check this page soon as we are starting new outdoor project in beginning of 2022 where we will be inoculating shiitake logs.
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