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Growing Mushrooms Outdoor

If you have a garden and would like to introduce edible mushrooms to your vegetables, they will help your veggies grow better and stronger by regenerating the soil, providing you with better quality food. You can also grow mushrooms on logs, this method requires more patience but you can have supplies of mushrooms for years.

In all methods of growing mushrooms, there is win-win scenario, you have own grown edible mushrooms, if you are growing veggies, you have better quality vegatables plus the soil around your house will improve at the same time taking a part in climate change.



With a little outdoor space, you can create mushroom beds where you can grow only mushrooms or if you grow vegetables in your garden, you can grow mushrooms in between your veggies, saving space and improving quality of your vegetables and the soil at the same time.

This is the cheapest and most sustsainable way of growing mushrooms using all the organic matter from your garden, straw, wood chips and cardboard.

We are supporting native species when comes to outdoor mushroom cultivation and we can provide native mushrooms cultures.

The Mushrooms you can grow creating mushroom beds:

Wood Blewits

Wine Caps


Shaggy Ink Cap

Morels (more complex)

Mushroom on Logs

Growing mushrooms on logs is a perfect solution if you have access to freshly cut hardwood trees and patience as takes 12- 18 months for logs to colonise and produce first mushrooms. However this growing technique can provide you with supply of edible mushrooms for eyers, even 8-10 years.

Mushrooms to grow on logs:


Velvet Shank


Wood Ears

Chicken of the Woods

Hen of the Woods

Turkey Tail


Join outdoor mushroom growing classes

Community Mushrooms Growing Workshops coming soon at Granton Castle Community Gardens.


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