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Seabuckthorn Scotland

Seabuckthorn Scotland is a social enterprise dedicated to the research of Scottish Seabuckthorn berries, maximum utilisation of this unique plant and production of the highest quality wild-crafted products.

We are fascinated with those incredibly healthy berries and over the moon to cooperate with Seabuckthorn Scotland to bring special Mushroom- Seabuckthorn blends FOR YOU!

Harvesting Seabuckthorn berries is an extremaly hard job, we have tried and we admire Kirstie and her Team for doing it with passion.

A word from founder:

''We use only the best local berries, picked in the peak of ripeness and deep frozen within 30 minutes of harvesting to provide our customers with the freshest, tastiest Seabuckthorn juice with maximum A,C and E vitamins. Scottish Seabuckthorn has high levels of Omega 7 as well as Omega 3,6 and 9.''

For more info and to buy Seabuckthorn Juices, visit:


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