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Healing with mushrooms- mycotherapy, is one of the oldest and most proven natural methods of healing. Medicinal mushrooms have been proven effective in the treatment of many diseases for centuries.

People and animals can be holistically healed and the causes of diseases can be eliminated. The effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms is also supported by many scientific studies.

Medicinal Mushrooms help us to become and stay healthy and full of vital life force energy. They are rich in valuable nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids.

Medicinal mushrooms have been proven in their application for many diseases, including serious ones like: cancerallergiesdigestive disorders and skin inflammation.

Medicinal mushrooms can even be used for common diseases such as obesitydiabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

In Asian countries, where medicinal mushrooms are traditionally applied, many cancers types do not even exist. Medicinal mushrooms also assist us in detoxification. They ensure that our immune system remains powerful and in balance. In addition, they unfold a cell renewal effect.

Mycotherpy not only removes symptoms but also recognizes the causes of disease and eliminate them.

It focuses on understanding people holistically in spirit, soul and body.

In addition to alleviating or eliminating the symptoms, this is of central importance.

As individual as the causes of a disease can be, so specifically are medicinal mushrooms administered.

Knowledge & experience based on 4000 years of East Asian medicine

The origin of Mycotherapy is primarily in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Medicinal mushrooms have been and are successfully deployed in the treatment of many diseases.

Mycotherapy mainly focuses on two aspects: it addresses the entire individual - not only the disease - and aims at identifying and eliminating the underlying causes instead of treating symptoms only.

The power of nature - rediscovered

Especially in our technology driven era, more and more people seek to live in harmony with nature again.

Therefore, nowadays the works of Hildegard von Bingen from the 11th and 12th centuries are also attracting interest again as the teachings of Paracelsus and Sebastian Kneipp.

Traditional herbal formulas are coming to light again, ancient monastic medicine and naturopathy are becoming more important.

With good reason! After all, for thousands of years we humans have helped ourselves from the rich gifts of nature and we have done well so far.

Our philosophy

Your well-being and improving the quality of your life are the priority for the team of MycBee.

Not only in ancient China mushrooms were highly valued, they were even discovered in the luggage of Ötzi the Iceman and many other wise people in Europe knew about the value of the mushrooms. Today their preciousness is known worldwide.

Holistic Nutrition

A balanced diet is the basis of our well-being. This is the only way to provide our body everything it needs, so that we can feel comfortable.

Especially vitamins, minerals, trace elements and organic vital substances which are for example abundantly contained in mushrooms, are important. Therefore, since ancient times, mushrooms are an integral part of many traditional dietetics. Until now it is not possible to imagine holistic nutrition without mushrooms.

Many years of research lead us to a company with many years of experience in cultivating organic medicinal mushrooms and mushroom powder from the whole mushroom.

The MykoVital H. GmbH, in Limeshain (Germany) is cultivating organic mushrooms, all-natural on ecologically controlled organic substrate (control number: DE-ÖKO-006). The production is accomplished in two parallel production ways: Firstly, the organic fruiting bodies are grown on an organic wood-based substrate. On the other hand the organic mycelium is grown on an organic millet-based substrate. Both substrates are gluten free and lactose free. They only contain organic ingredients, clear, sterile water and purified air. Of course,they do not use any pesticides or other chemicals.

We are co-operating with MycoVital company from Germany to bring you best quality organic medicinal mushroom powder from the whole mushroom and our qualified Mycotherapist is here fr you to give you advice on which mushroom will be most beneficial for your health.



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